Empowering you to create a healthy relationship with Money and your finances, so you can achieve greater success in your business with a lot more ease!


Linda Spencer quote "In a world of abundance and infinite possibilities, NO ONE should have to struggle - you CAN have the life of your dreams"

A message from Linda:

I truly believe that dreams can come true and that knowledge is power. I empower you with the tools, knowledge and mindsets you need to design and implement effective business and tax strategies and processes, allowing you to take inspired action and achieve success with greater ease...relieving stress, reducing costs and boosting profits and productivity.




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Small Business Planning and Consulting

Using 20+ years of business and tax knowledge, along with business coaching training, and her intuitive and creative mind, Linda takes a holistic approach to creating and connecting your action plans to your business vision that allows for greater profits, productivity, harmony and joy in your business.  Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned business owner ready to take your business to the next level, Linda can help.

Money Mindfulness Coaching and Education

Helping you transform your relationship with Money, release money stress and have more joy with Money as your partner to create more ease, joy and harmony in your business and your life!.



Designated CPACertified Money Marketing Soul CoachHalton Hills Chamber of Commerce