Play a Game with Money

Do you regularly track your money coming in? Do you track it daily? What patterns do you see? Perhaps those patterns gave you the impression that Money is a bit elusive.

Well, if you are the least bit competitive, you could play a game with Money. Here are some games or challenges you can play using the Daily Money Tracking tool.

Game #1 – See how many non-zero money days you can have in a month…challenge yourself to have more positive money days than zero days.

Game #2 – Create a challenge for bringing in a minimum dollar amount for a number of days (ex: $1500 or more coming in at least 1 day a week).

Game #3 – Challenge yourself to beat your highest positive money day from the previous month.

Game #4 – Challenge yourself to hit your bold money goal for the month BEFORE the end of the month (ex: if you bold money goal is $10,000 for the month, set a target of hitting that goal by the 21st).

One of my clients went from completely ignoring her money to using the Daily Money Tracking tool as a game board to see how much more money she could receive each month. With a Maverick Money Archetype, she openly admits to now playing the game to win and is having fun with it!

Choose your challenge, then brainstorm all the ways that could happen. Think outside the box, and outside of your current situation. Then, once you’ve decided on a strategy, start taking consistent action – each day/each week. Be sure to track your activities and results daily so you can see what’s working and what needs adjusting.


[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]Linda Spencer is a CPA, CA, Canadian Tax Specialist and Money Mindfulness Coach. Her mission is to eliminate the stress and anxiety you experience around money and taxes, by empowering you with the know-how and mindsets to improve your business success and financial wellness, so you can have more harmony, joy and abundance in your life.[/author_info] [/author]

What is Your Mission?

It’s been a while since I’ve been woken up in the middle of the night with a spark of inspiration so great that I just had to get up and write it.

“It’s not about the number of days you’ve lived, but how well you’ve lived the days you’ve been given.”

I couldn’t go back to sleep.  The message kept repeating until I got out of bed and came down to the computer.  What does this mean – how well you’ve lived the days you’ve been given?  It is different for everyone.  But you can find out for yourself by asking these questions:  Why are you here?  What are you here to do?  If you had $100million, what would you be doing with your life?  What is your personal mission statement?

I’ve been reflecting on this myself for the last couple of weeks (perhaps this is why I woke up with this message – that it’s time to share this with you).  For me, I envision a world filled with joy and harmony.  My mission is to inspire, empower and assist people to have more joy and harmony in their lives, as I do so for myself.  I came to the realization of this mission about 10 years ago, at a time in my life that I was not having much joy or harmony in my own life – my job was making me sick; there was a lot of tension, anger, and resentment in my marriage; my baby kept me up at night; the closest friend I had lived 500 miles away; I had no hobby that filled me up.  It took adversity to wake me up, and I remember sitting in my basement office asking myself, why am I here?  What am I here to do?  What would I like my life to look like?

I still have the piece of paper I wrote it on…my personal mission statement:

  • To be the best I can be
  • To help people achieve their goals and fulfill their objectives through inspiration, motivation, education, and empowerment
  • To make people smile
  • To live each day with love and happiness

Then I started asking HOW…how could I do this?  Then new doors started to open.  A new job came, as did many personal growth (and re-membering) opportunities, and new relationships.  Creativity also began to flow again (that hadn’t flowed in over 10 years prior) with a new level of inspiration and empowerment, in writing inspirational poetry that has been published internationally.   And although I haven’t written much poetry in the last couple of years, I have not stopped writing to inspire, creating to empower, educate and motivate people to smile daily.  VisionSpire was not even a thought back then.  But 3 years ago when I decided to start my business, I began to imagine inspiring, educating and empowering people through my business.  At first, it was to inspire and empower joy by relieving tax stress…it has morphed into so much more.  And each day I ask, what contribution to joy and harmony for the planet can I be today?  What can I do to have more joy and harmony in my own life?

Each time I find myself faced with adversity or drifting off-track, I am reminded of my personal mission statement, and start asking “How can I do this”…doors open. 

You see, everyone faces adversity throughout their lives.  You can choose to let it get you down, to live each day complaining about what happened, about how hard done by you were, how much you lost, how crappy life is…wasting your days in self-pity.  Or you can rise up, and LIVE.  When you have a written personal mission statement, a vision for what you’d like life to be like, you will rise all the stronger and faster from each adversity that comes, and you will live your vision.

What is YOUR personal vision and mission?  What are you here to do?  How will you live the days you’ve been given?

Money Conversations – They Don’t Have to be Tough!

How much do people owe you?  How long has it been outstanding?  How much more ease would it create to have than money in your hands now?


I used to have a really hard time asking for money from people who owed it to me (and I hated making those collections calls as a student working in Accounts Receivable), and I still do to some degree, especially with loved ones and when I know the person is struggling.  But it does nothing for my cash flow to not have in coming in (and can actually create financial hardship for myself)…so I’ve learned how to have those courageous conversations to collect the money that people owe me for the services I’ve provided them, to create more ease for me.

When it comes to collecting money, having money conversations can be tough, but they don’t have to be.  

Here are some tips for diffusing the anxiety around money conversations:

1 – Be clear in the outcome you want.

2 – Have compassion and grace.

3 – Put yourself in the other person’s shoes for a moment to have an awareness of them and their energy.

4 – Hold the other person as powerful that they can pay you what they owe you with ease and grace, right away.

5 – Connect with the person and invite them into conversation.

6 – Ask for the money, respectfully and graciously, reminding them of your terms of agreement.

7 – Get their payment or commitment to pay (preferably in writing), and get their payment details to set up automatic payments.

8 – You can be bold and powerful in your conversation, but have some lightness at the same time.


I shared these tips on DAY 1 of my FREE online SHOW ME THE MONEY 4-Day Challenge that kicked-off this morning.  One of my clients used these tips in my 8-Week CFO Master Jump-start program and collected $70,000 of outstanding debt in 6 weeks!  How amazing is that?!

It’s not too late to join in on the FUN of re-ENERGIZING Your cash flow in the SHOW ME THE MONEY 4-Day Challenge that runs July 25-28, with replays available until August 8th.

Why NOT make money fun?? We’ve had so many years and lifetimes of making money serious and being in the head-space of “not enough”…it’s time to get out of that space and into the fun abundant space that truly exists!

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If you find yourself struggling with money conversations and are ready to change that, I’d be happy to help…book your complimentary Money Clarity Session with me to see how we can work together to empower your money conversations.

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