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Would you like to:
Know how to make more money and better manage your business cash flow?
Understand your business finances and make them work for you?
Have a system for creating more ease and grow in your business?
Get off the "feast or famine" hamster wheel and into creating a never-ending
cycle of cash flow?

This program was designed just for you - the micro-business entrepreneur who
may be feeling overwhelmed and struggling with making your money and finances
work for you. You may have a bookkeeper and or accountant to compile your
numbers and do your taxes, but they may not be helping you to understand what
your numbers are telling you or how to use them to grow your profits and cash

You ARE the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) of your business (and your life) and as CFO, you
need to be empowered to make smart business decisions based on your financial
results on a regular basis (and I don't mean just once or twice a year).
This program will help get you started.


The Elevate Profits Ignitor Program contains practical tools that you can use right away in your business to create greater profits and cash flow, in an aligned and purposeful way.

This program was designed for the heart-centered micro-business entrepreneur who is feeling
overwhelmed and struggling with making their money and finances work for/with them. You may also be struggling with the flow of ideas and how to turn them into offers that people will easily say yes to, and how to price them for optimal profitability.


Over the course of Over the course of 3 months, you will:
1) Clarify your business vision and learn how to operate from where you'd like to
2) Get a clear picture of your current finances and what the numbers are telling
3) Discover insights into how you do money and your money gaps;
4) Create/Refine your business profits model for more flow and flexibility, and stop
spinning your wheels when it comes to creating new offers;
5) Learn how to price for value and set empowered money boundaries to get paid
more and on time;
6) Acquire tools and strategies to create a never-ending cycle of growing cash flows;
7) Learn how to more easily make smart financial decision for your business; and
8) Empower yourself with systems and strategies that will get you unstuck and out
of overwhelm when it comes to business strategy and finance.

You will also be added to a private Facebook group exclusively for participants of
this program, where you can post questions and insights, and call on me and each
other for support (or you can email me directly with your questions).


The next installment of the Elevate Profits Ignitor program begins in June 2019

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