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Tax Audit Assistance


Do you know your tax risk areas?

Are you well-prepared for a tax audit?

Are you facing a tax audit and need assistance with getting prepared and dealing with the auditor?

Do you need help ensuring your books and records are up to date, organized and able to support your tax-filing positions?

Do you need help filing your tax returns (and perhaps getting caught up on past-due filings)?

Do you need help with a specific tax issue?

Are you expanding, selling or closing your business and need help structuring the transaction to minimize tax costs and risks?



Schedule a complimentary clarity call with Linda to discuss your needs and how she can help you minimize your tax costs and relieve your tax stress.




Tax Specialty Areas – Canadian personal and corporate income tax (services business, financial institutions, transportation, manufacturing, construction, farming), GST/HST/PST consulting and compliance

Linda has over 25 years of accounting and tax experience; first, in public accounting and tax practice, with a focus on small and medium-sized businesses in transportation, manufacturing, wholesale distribution and retail industries, tech, food services and more); then, 9 years in large corporation tax leadership (in financial services and business process outsourcing industries).  Linda has been servicing entrepreneurs in her private consulting practice since 2015.  She has also provided tax education as an in-house facilitator/trainer, seminar leader for the Federated Press, internal business groups, external clients and legal partners, and runs her own webinars.  She has also spoken at National Tax Conferences.