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It’s a fact – money is THE #1 cause of stress in North America today.  That stress places strains on our bodies, our relationship and our emotional and mental wellbeing.  Stress costs billions of dollars in health care and lost productivity each year.  There are programs, pills, tips and tricks to manage the symptoms of stress, but what is there really that gets the heart of the cause of that stress – in this case, MONEY?

Why is it that Money is such a stress factor?  With statistics like over 60% of the population not having good basic financial knowledge and 85% of business failures being caused by lack of financial know-how and organization, I think poor financial literacy, along with instilled beliefs that money is limited or not available to us, has created this high money stress that we experience today.

As parents, consumers and business owners, it’s our responsibility to educate ourselves with the tools, knowledge, strategies and MINDSETS to take control over our financial destiny.  As educators and parents, it is our responsibility to give our youth the knowledge, tools and mindsets they need to not only support themselves, but to thrive in a world that is still governed mostly by a lack mentality (which we CAN change).  And I see it as my job to pass on the financial knowledge and know-how I’ve acquired in order to reduce this money stress, and empower people to create the life they truly desire, to have greater ease and joy in their lives.

Here are 3 of my top tips for reducing money stress:

1 – Know your numbers!  Know where your money is and where it’s going.  Look at returns on your investments.  Look at your spending and debt.  Only then can you identify opportunities to grow your income and returns and reduce spending.  One of my clients used to be oblivious to her finances.  After doing a short program with me just a few months ago, she recently told me that now she looks at her numbers daily and it’s like a game or competition to her to see how much more she can make…Numbers are EMPOWERING!

2 – Get educated!  If you don’t look at your numbers because you don’t know how to track them, or how to read them, do some homework, find a financial advisor or bookkeeper or accountant who will help you really understand.  Take a course in personal or business finance.  Read finance books.  Go to free (or paid) seminars and workshops.  Get mentoring/training from someone you know who can help you.  The most financially successful people are the ones who really know their numbers and the stories they tell, and take action to increase their financial wellness.

3 – Shift your money mindsets!  If you’re always saying that you can’t afford it, you’ll never have enough, and money is hard to come by, then that’s exactly what you’ll continue to get.  Money, like everything, is energy.  When you change your beliefs and perceptions about money, how you can receive it, and how much you can receive, and take action on opportunities when they are in front  of you, you’ll see a shift in your money flows, and the amount of stress you have over money. When you change your money stories, you change your life!


If you would like to know more about changing your money stories and reducing your money stress, please visit our upcoming workshops and programs on our Events page.    I also invite you to join the CFO Mentoring group on Facebook, where I offer ongoing money mindset inspiration, tips and strategies for growing your cashflow and reducing your money and tax stress.

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