Merry Christmas to YOU!

How we celebrate, what we celebrate or where really doesn’t matter – the point is to take time out of your business and schedule to CELEBRATE….life, love, family, friends.  Time is a precious and limited resource – you can’t get it back.  My kids and I just came back from spending a precious couple with my parents and my siblings (minus one who couldn’t be there yet).  Years past, I would have spent those 2 days out shopping, visiting friends and cousins, and spending actually very little time with my own family…this past year has been different – I’m learning how precious time is, and learning to enjoy more time with my family.

No matter what form of the season your are celebrating or how you are celebrating it, I wish you all the best of this holiday season with your family and loved ones – may it be filled with JOY, LOVE, LAUGHTER and great MEMORIES.


In light & inspiration,

Linda S.


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