Money Conversations – They Don’t Have to be Tough!

How much do people owe you?  How long has it been outstanding?  How much more ease would it create to have than money in your hands now?


I used to have a really hard time asking for money from people who owed it to me (and I hated making those collections calls as a student working in Accounts Receivable), and I still do to some degree, especially with loved ones and when I know the person is struggling.  But it does nothing for my cash flow to not have in coming in (and can actually create financial hardship for myself)…so I’ve learned how to have those courageous conversations to collect the money that people owe me for the services I’ve provided them, to create more ease for me.

When it comes to collecting money, having money conversations can be tough, but they don’t have to be.  

Here are some tips for diffusing the anxiety around money conversations:

1 – Be clear in the outcome you want.

2 – Have compassion and grace.

3 – Put yourself in the other person’s shoes for a moment to have an awareness of them and their energy.

4 – Hold the other person as powerful that they can pay you what they owe you with ease and grace, right away.

5 – Connect with the person and invite them into conversation.

6 – Ask for the money, respectfully and graciously, reminding them of your terms of agreement.

7 – Get their payment or commitment to pay (preferably in writing), and get their payment details to set up automatic payments.

8 – You can be bold and powerful in your conversation, but have some lightness at the same time.


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Why NOT make money fun?? We’ve had so many years and lifetimes of making money serious and being in the head-space of “not enough”…it’s time to get out of that space and into the fun abundant space that truly exists!

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If you find yourself struggling with money conversations and are ready to change that, I’d be happy to help…book your complimentary Money Clarity Session with me to see how we can work together to empower your money conversations.

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