Business Brand Personality Insights Session

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These sessions are all about identifying who you are (your brand personality) at a soul level and to use your brand gifts and strengths to move you forward in your business or career.  Your brand personality always reflects YOUR uniqueness…and it appeals to a matching core desire that is currently important and strongly present within your ideal clients.

Knowing your unique brand personality can provide so much clarity not only for the brilliance you bring to the table, but how to identify and speak to your ideal clients…your brand archetypes can help you language your unique business personality, iso you can better articulate what you want in your brand image and communications (from website, logo, colors, words, fonts, advertising style, etc).

In a Business Brand Insights session, Linda walks you through a process to identify your brand personality and how you can use this new awareness to uplevel your business.  You can then use the information you get in this session to coordinate with your team to ensure that every message/touch point is on brand – YOUR unique brand.

Once you purchase your session, you will receive a link to Linda’s booking calendar to set up an available time for your session.


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