About the Founder

(About Linda Spencer, CPA, CA)

What do you say when someone asks you what you do?  If I tell someone I'm a tax accountant, their reaction usually is one that goes like this, "Really? You don't look like a tax accountant?  I would have expected someone more quiet and conservative?"


Truth is, I’m not your typical tax accountant

Born and raised on a beef farm in rural Quebec, I loved art and animals, and animals were often the subject of my art.  In school, my visual art won regional awards.  In high school, my art came in the form of poetry and was first published at the age of 16, and later in my 30’s I went on to write inspirational poetry for international publications.  Also later in my 30’s, I took up creating one-of-a-kind gemstone jewelry as a way of nurturing my creativity (and my sanity) while on sabbatical leave to care for my then husband who had a traumatic spinal injury and created my first business, Ridgeview Designs.  I AM at the very core, a creative being.

How does one who has this creative background and active right brain become a tax accountant? 

Simple - I was also really good with numbers, problem-solving and analytics (straight A math student), and fell in love with tax from the very first time I did my own tax return at the age of 18.  It wasn’t until the 3rd year of my college business finance program that I decided to become a chartered accountant (CPA, CA) – and since I loved tax, that’s what I did!  I loved (and still do) helping people solve their tax issues and reduce their stress.  I love the research, interpretations, applying the law to the client's situation and communicating with them in a manner they could understand...it's like being a bridge of understanding for them.

How did I get from tax accountant to business and money relationship coach?

Though Divine guidance.  I think everyone goes through a transformational year...mine was 2014 - it's the year I finalized my divorce (investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in my freedom), immersed myself on a spiritual journey of personal discovery and transformation, travelled three continents immersing in different cultures and visiting sacred sites, terminated my nice well-paying job that I actually loved, and started my own consulting practice.

When I started my business, I knew I had to have a business plan and had great financial projections, but I had no idea HOW to get the clients...I really sucked at sales & marketing!  So I took a program to learn about effective marketing and sales strategies, as well as intuitive business models...wherein I ended up becoming certified as a coach to bring those same tools to my clients.  It was in that program that I was introduced to Sacred Money Archetypes® and became certified in that body of work as well...and this was the springboard to what VisionSpire would become today - a platform for assisting business owners to thrive in their business and life with Money as their co-creative partner.

The irony is, even with all those years of education and working as a professional accountant, I never really learned about having money, and I never really had money (despite having a 6+figure income).  It would leave our bank accounts as fast as it came in and we would always carry debt.  It wasn’t until I was immersed in my own money relationship transformation that I learned how to HAVE money, and this came at a time when I had paid out $150k in a divorce settlement, had no savings and had already accumulated over $100k in credit card debt.

These additional coaching certifications gave me great insights and amazing tools not only for my own business and financial well-being, but to better serve my clients in helping them transform their relationship with money and create a business model that supports them in living their best life.

And that's what I do now - As a highly intuitive, creative and strategic being, I connect heart-centered, social entrepreneurs to their path of abundance and thriving in life through their business, by helping them create soulfully aligned business success strategies, amplify financial tools and know-how, and embrace money as their co-creative partner in their business and their life, all in a way that is calming, nurturing and in the space of allowance and possibility.


Vision:  VisionSpire was created out of a vision of a world without stress over money.  We believe that every person on the planet can THRIVE and have the life they dream of, with Money as their co-creative and generative partner.

Mission:  To empower business owners and their employees with the financial tools, know-how, mindsets and strategies they need in order to create a soul-fully aligned business and money relationship that supports living their best life with greater ease, joy and harmony.  We do this through 1-1 coaching and consulting, online education, group empowerment programs, workshops, and speaking engagements.


  • Illumination - Creating awareness of possibilities and contrast without judgment or polarization.
  • Education and Empowerment – Empowering oneself with the knowledge, tools and mindsets to create soul-fully aligned blueprints and take inspired action to achieve desired results.
  • Innovation & Creativity – Growth and expansive living come from creativity and innovation.
  • Harmony & Joy – The ultimate gift is to create a space for all to connect and thrive in joy and harmony in this world.
Certified Money Marketing Soul Coach
Halton Hills Chamber of Commerce