Abundance in Creativity

A tree doesn’t have to contemplate growing – it just grows…and produces tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of leaves. Trees are so abundant!

What if you were as abundant as a tree? Well, you are…and even more so.
Your body has 75 trillion cells (give or take), and produces 20 million new cells every few seconds!
You take over 20 thousand breaths each day.
Your mind produces 12-60 thousand thoughts each day (mostly negative and repetitive, but some of those are creative thoughts).
And creative thoughts come mostly during periods of rest, relaxation and distraction from left brain activities…this is why you’ll have more ideas come to you while in the shower or driving.
You produce and ABUNDANCE of creative thoughts and ideas every single day!


And what if you took action on even one of those creative thoughts each day…


Keep a journal of creative ideas. Every time you have a creative idea, write it down (it doesn’t have to be much, just a few words about the idea). Then, each week, give yourself time and space (say 33 minutes to start with) to explore and expand at least one of those ideas.

I actually do this as part of my daily practice…at several points in the day – I dedicate time and space to let my mind flow with creative ideas and thoughts, and take at least 3 hours on the weekend to expand on those ideas…this is how I generate my content, programs and services (and any other project I work on).

Do this for at least a month and see what happens 🙂

What does this have to do with money and your relationship with Money?

    Allowing time for creative thoughts to be explored and expanded upon into tangible form is where everything that is created comes from – artistic work, graphic designs, books, stories, poems, gardens, games, courses, services and every product ever made.

    Financial wellness and abundance often comes with a shift in perspective – shifting from negative & limiting thoughts and behaviour patters into positive thoughts and creative ideas that can be turned into financial endeavors.

    So, every time you become aware of a negative thought (which comprises of about 80% of our daily thoughts), say thank you to that thought and ask “what is the gift in this?”. At the very least, you’ll become super aware of your negative thought patters, but more likely you will start to shift those negative thoughts into positive ones, and into creative ideas that, when acted upon, can attract greater health and wealth into your life.

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