Do you catch yourself saying “I can’t afford it”?

My sister inspired this post, when she shared that her kids were disappointed that she couldn’t afford to send them to camp.  I suggested that she start asking questions about HOW she could afford it.  Then all sorts of suggestions came up for her:  see if the camp had sponsorships; look for lower cost alternatives; ask friends and family to assist.  Within minutes, two of her friends even posted that they’d pitch in to sponsor the kids to go to camp.

And I get it…I too used to say it all the time to my kids – We can’t afford that right now.  I used to say it to myself.  What actualized is that I never had the money.

But since becoming a money mindset coach, I’ve shifted my thinking and what I say.  Now when money is tight, and there’s not enough to pay for something I’d like or the kids would like right away,

I first ask – Is this something that is necessary right now or that will make our lives a lot easier, or that will bring us joy.  Then if it’s something that is truly desired, I ask myself “How can I afford it?  What would I have to do, what could I sell, what do I have to re-prioritize to have that right away?  What else is possible to have this for less than I could imagine?”

The energy you put out is the energy you get back.  When you say you can’t afford something, you’re telling the Universe to keep it outside your reach.  When you start asking HOW to afford it, you send a message to the Universe that you’re looking for solutions, and that you really would like to have that.  Then magic happens – things shift, opportunities present, and money starts coming in.  But your actions have to be congruent with what you’re asking for.  Be crystal clear about your ask, your priorities, your words and your actions, start putting money in a special “having” fund and watch how quickly you can afford those things you used to think you could not.

Do you find yourself saying you can’t afford it?  Are you ready to change that type of lack thinking?  Click the buttom below to find out how.

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[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]Linda Spencer is a Chartered Accountant with a twist. She marries over 20 years of left-brained practical accounting, tax & business process improvement strategies with her right-brained creativity as a lifetime artist and recently developed intuitive coaching skills to help heart centered coaches, consultants, creatives and holistic practitioners to transform their money & finance relationship to do their business with purpose ON purpose with greater ease and joy. Linda promotes financial literacy and well-being, by empowering heart-centered individuals and business owners with the tools, knowledge, strategies and mindsets to transform their relationship with money & finance and to build their business roadmap for success, through her money mindset and profitability workshops, group training programs, guest speaking and 1-1 coaching.[/author_info] [/author]

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