Cash Flow Mastery for Entrepreneurs

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The Cash Flow Mastery Program for Entrepreneurs

Would you like to:

  • Know how to make more money and better manage your business cash flow?
  • Understand your business finances and make them work for you?
  • Have a system for creating more ease and grow in your business?
  • Get off the "feast or famine" hamster wheel and into creating a never-ending cycle of cash flow?

The Cash Flow Mastery program was designed just for you - the service-based spiritual entrepreneur who may be feeling overwhelmed and struggling with making your money and finances work for you. You may have a bookkeeper and or accountant to compile your numbers and do your taxes, but they may not be helping you to understand what your numbers are telling you or how to use them to grow your profits and cash flow.

You ARE the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) of your business (and your life) and as CFO, you NEED to be empowered to make smart business decisions aligned with your purpose and based on your financial results on a regular basis (and I don't mean just once or twice a year).

You may not have a finance degree or a good working knowledge of business finance.

BUT you DO want to have more control and understanding of you cash flows and profitability in your business.

AND you DO want to engage and work with  Money, as your business partner

You want to grow your business and your profits consciously, while reducing stress and overwhelm AND have the time freedom to do what you love most!

This virtual group program will get you well on your way!

Over the course of  3 months, you will:
1) Get crystal clear in your business vision and streamline your business model with that vision for greater impact with less effort;
2) Get a clear picture of your current finances and what the numbers are telling
you, allowing you to find money leaks and opportunities;
3) Discover insights into your unique money personality and how this impacts every financial decision you make;
4) Create/Refine you signature client experience - a system that allows you to create the offers your clients are asking for with ease;
5) Get clear and confident about the value your provide your clients and how to price for that value;
6) Acquire tools and strategies to create a never-ending cycle of growing cash flows;
7) Learn how to more easily make smart financial decision for your business; and
8) Empower yourself with systems and strategies that will get you unstuck and out
of overwhelm when it comes to business strategy and finance.

What you get:

  • Quick start call a week before the program starts – set the tone & let’s go!
  • 12 weekly training and Q&A calls (via Zoom meetings) focused on the training of the week (Mondays at 10am Eastern)
  • Downloadable program worksheets and handhouts in .pdf and Word or Excel format.
  • Training call replays available in your program portal to view at your convenience, PLUS 3 additional masterclass training videos on empowered pricing, business planning and tax basics for Canadian entrepreneurs.
  • Private Facebook group to engage and ask questions as you progress through the training videos and implement strategies & time/$-saving tools
  • 2 private 30-minute laser-focused consultation calls with Linda
  • 3 Money Boundary Breakthrough working sessions, at the 4th, 8th and 12th week of the program, designed to identify and close money leaks, strengthen financial awareness and confidence and refine your 30/60/90-day cash flow boost strategies.

BONUS 1Lifetime access to the 8 Days of Money Joy Challenge ($55 retail value)

In this 8-day challenge (received in your inbox), you'll start to release stress, judgment and limiting mindsets about money right away!


Bonus 2: Attend one 2020  Money Joy transformational workshop for FREE ($197 retail value)

If you're feeling stuck, blocked or just want a little upgrade in your money flows and relationship with money, THIS is the place to be!



Let's get started RIGHT AWAY with this 90-minute masterclass that will stretch your imagination for what's possible for your business in 2020 and how to make that happen.

PLUS have access to all of the program materials and recordings in your membership portal for an entire year! (which you can download to your device at any time to have forever) – (PRICELESS!!)


Next program starts in February 2020! 


OPTION 1:  Make 6 monthly installments 

Until January 11th - 6 monthly payments of CAD$297.00 (regular CAD$497.00/month x 6 months), plus applicable taxes.  SAVE 40% until midnight January 11th!!

OPTION 2:  Pay in full today  

Until January 11th - 1 payment of CAD$1,497.00 (regular CAD$2,497.00), plus applicable taxes.  SAVE 40% until midnight January 11th!!


(choose your payment option by selecting "Pay in full" or "Pay in 6 monthly installments" in the checkout page) 

Your Facilitator - Linda Spencer, CPA, CA

Linda is an intuitive business and cash flow strategist and certified money mindfulness coach with over 20 years of experience in business and tax consulting.  With simple and intuitive tools and strategies, financial know-how and empowering money mindsets, Linda helps her clients shift out of the money stress and anxiety to focus on what they value most, improve their productivity and profits, improve their relationships, their personal and financial well-being, and really have more joy, peace and harmony in their life.