Money Challenge

Let's have some fun and JOY with Money!!

The 8 Days of Money Joy Challenge is a fun and engaging way to
> create awareness of your financial reality and money mindsets,
> learn tips on organizing your finances and managing money in a way that reduces overwhelm and anxiety,
> shift your perspective and eliminate judgement of money
> take INSPIRED ACTION to improve your financial well-being!

The challenge will run LIVE with a re-start on March 11th.

Watch this 5 minute video that introduces the challenge (keeping in mind the restart date, not the date mentioned in the video), and join this FREE 8-day challenge by clicking on the Join Now! button below the video and completing the Opt-in form that will open up.

You will then receive a welcome email and bonus action item for a quick Money Joy win (that has had past participants find hundreds and even $1000 for their win) 🙂

[We're sorry, the money joy challenge is undergoing an upgrade and is not available at this time.]