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What Happens at a Money Story WorkShop with Linda Spencer?

You might be thinking, a money workshop with a tax accountant?  Really?  Accountants are boring!

Well, if you do think so, you’ve never been to one of MY workshops.  I’ve been presenting workshops and training sessions for years, and I’ve never been called boring.  What you will experience is this:

  • A warm welcome on arrival (and a hug if you’re clearly open to receiving one :))
  • A lot of light energy in the room and from me
  • Connection, lots of smiling and laughs
  • Insight – I WILL change how you think about money (and tax accountants)
  • New knowledge and tools – The best way I can help people end their struggle and stress with money is to pass on the tried and true tools that I’ve learned and have used

I’m not your typical tax accountant…I don’t talk like one, and certainly don’t dress like one….One of my former accounting partners said to me a while back at an alumni event, “You were never one to be kept in the box, were you”.  No, I wasn’t…who wants to be put in a box!

You’ll see that I smile a lot and laugh often. I take a very light approach to life and living (I wasn’t always this way – it took some major cosmic events to get me here).  You’ll see that I love art – I wear my art and the amazing wearable art pieces of my favorite local designers (I may even wear one of those pieces at the workshop).  I have 9 tattoos (and no, I don’t ride a motorcycle), mostly designed by me.  I make jewelry, am a published author and write inspirational poetry.   Every article I write, workshop or program I create, social media post, etc. IS art.  So, no, I’m definitely NOT your typical tax accountant.

I DO believe that we are all connected and that we’ve been given some pretty amazing abilities to use in this lifetime to create the experience of Heaven on Earth – I use (and further awaken) my intuitive gifts daily, and you’ll see this in my workshops.

So specifically, here’s how the day will flow  on September 21 at the Re-Set Your Money Story Workshop at Rattlesnake Point Golf Club (Milton, ON):

9:30-10:00am    Welcome; Participant check-in (with coffee & muffins)

10:00-10:15      Introduction & Workshop Ice-Breaker (with LeeLee Fowler of Rise Media & Design – personal friend & marketing coach, and online community engagement strategist)

10:15-11:15      Crack Your Money code with Your Personal Money Archetypes (What are money archetypes, What are YOUR money archetypes (assessment), why are they important) – there’s a little bio break in here.

11:15-12:15     Being Money Visualization & Exercise (I will walk you a visualization where you will BECOME money – this will give you a TON of insight on how you do money and your money values!)

12:15 – 12:45    Light lunch provided

12:45-1:45       Money Boundary Breakthroughs (we’ll work on one or two specific money block areas that YOU would like to break through, and you leave the workshop with committed action steps to move you forward in your life/business)

1:45:2:00       Wrap-up, Thank You’s, Questions, end the workshop.


Sounds fun and light to me (and who doesn’t want more fun and lightness with money instead of stress and anxiety)….how ’bout you?

COME JOIN ME on September 21, have some fun with MONEY and FINANCE, and press re-set on some of those money stories that are holding you back from being at ease with money.

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Kick Start Your Year with Clarity and Focus

“Be INSPIRED to create what you imagine” (Linda J. Spencer)

Mondo nell'acqua dell'oceanoWelcome to a brand new year…time to kick-start your strategic action plan with clarity and focus!  Strategic business planning is essential for your business success.  Your business plan is like a roadmap – it gives your direction for where you want to go and how to get there with the most direct route.  A good strategic plan keeps you focused.

In November, I posted my 8 Steps to Building Your Road map to Success.  Over the next 8 weeks, I’ll dive deeper into what each of those steps are, and specific actions you can take to create your own road map to success.

So, where do you start?  You should start with the end in mind…this is Step 1 to creating your business success road map:  define and clarify your goals.

The key with defining the end result you want in your business is to get really clear about what you want and why.  Ask yourself key questions like:

  • Where do you want your business to go? What do you want to create with your business? and WHY? Write down your goals for the next year, 3 years, 10 years.  Really challenge yourself – Dream BIG!  Studies show that if you think small, you’ll play small – so think BIG and play BIG!
  • What would really make your heart sing to achieve in your business long-term?
  • What impact would achieving these goals have on your life? What would it mean for your family?
  • What are your SMART (specific, meaningful, attainable, relevant, time sensitive) stretch goals for this year? List your BIG revenue goals as well as things like the number of customers you want to serve and any new projects you want to launch / implement.  Don’t try to boil the ocean here, but make them big enough to excite you and be impactful…pick just 1 to 3 key things that you’ll focus on this year that will really pull your business forward to meeting your long term BIG objectives.  Chunk them down into key milestones, and add target dates to them.

With your goals for the next year clarified, you can now move forward with focus in making business decision and taking inspired action that is aligned with those goals.

Stay tuned for next week…I’ll get into Step 2 of creating your business success roadmap…the essential step of knowing where you’re starting from!

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